Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sale of Goods

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The sale and purchase of goods is the most common character of the business transaction. In fact, it plays very significant role in every business operation. Most of the business, by its very nature comprise buying and selling of goods. All the agricultural and industrial produce goods for the purpose of selling in the market to earn money. The transaction of selling and buying occupy the large number within the whole business activities.
To recognize and regulate such business every country requires own legal framework. Every country of this world has arranged legal framework for governing this area. Both the Acts, the sale of goods act 1971 and the unfair contract term acct 1977 has governed

such transactions in Britain. In India, the sale of goods act 1930 has governed this field of business. Before the commencement of this Act, Section 76 to 123 of the Contract Act, 1872 has governed the transactions of sale of goods

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