Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Organizational Behavior


Organizational behavior is the study of human behavior in an organization. It’s a study or research over the human resource and its behavior within an organization. Organizational behavior is normative in nature and can also be said as a ‘normative science’ because, it does include research and other various factor relating to it. Organizational Behavior is goal-oriented. Its main objective is to control over the organizational behavior and obtain organizational goal.
Every human resource has different aspect and different views, and with different views and their aspect they would have different nature and behavior. Employees working within an organization in a same particular job would still have different behavior. Therefore, to know and to solve if wanted problems organizational behavior places a vital role.

Some of the main characteristics of Organizational Behavior are:

  • ·        Goal- Oriented
  • ·         Human Resource Research
  • ·         Normative Science
  • ·         Continuous Process

We can conclude that, without organizational behavior an organization faces various problems and would be decrease in process toward their goal achievement process. An organization to be smooth and success requires organizational behavior or research through it. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sale of Goods

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The sale and purchase of goods is the most common character of the business transaction. In fact, it plays very significant role in every business operation. Most of the business, by its very nature comprise buying and selling of goods. All the agricultural and industrial produce goods for the purpose of selling in the market to earn money. The transaction of selling and buying occupy the large number within the whole business activities.
To recognize and regulate such business every country requires own legal framework. Every country of this world has arranged legal framework for governing this area. Both the Acts, the sale of goods act 1971 and the unfair contract term acct 1977 has governed

Carriage of Goods ( Transportation)

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As being a necessary part of modern business, it is essential to regulate such business under legal framework. Therefore, every country of the world has made required legal framework to regulate carriage of goods. The goods are carried by land, sea or air. All the laws, relating to carriage of goods by land, sea or air, are considered as the law of carriage. The contract of carriage of goods under the law of carriage plays very significant role for operating the business activities.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Quasi Contract

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Contract is formulated on the basis of free consent of its parties. It is basic and general rule in the realm of contract but there are some exceptional situation under which even in absence of free consent or even in lacking of knowledge, a person becomes responsible to perform certain work pursuant to law as a contractual liability. Law imposes contractual liability to the person in certain circumstances for preventing the victim party and its is accepted as in indirect or quasi contract. It is also one of the issue to be discussed under concept of contract.